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NEWS | Your ENSEK Academy – How to unlock 5 business benefits

ENSEK Academy web image

The ENSEK Academy provides one single place to access a library of help, learning and development resources to that allows you to unlock and discover the full power and potential of ENSEK's Ignition platform.

We wanted to share with you 5 benefits of using the ENSEK Learning Academy.

1. Drive operational efficiency

Onboard new users to ENSEK's Ignition platform in both a cost effective and time efficient manner.

Empower your team with operational energy industry knowledge to better support your customers and your business.

2. Elevate team performance with e-learning

Unlock your teams' full potential with extensive help, guidance and knowledge sharing from ENSEK's team of domain experts - helping you drive operational efficiency across your entire business. Plus, gain on-demand access to our growing list of online, interactive learning and development courses, designed to equip your employees with the knowledge and skills required to be the best they can be.

3. Always stay up to date with release notes and industry updates

Find details of ENSEK's latest software updates, from new functionality and enhancements, to industry news and regulatory updates.

4. Build external interaction with developer documentation

Beyond user and agent engagements, the ENSEK Academy is also a development and eco-system one-stop-shop. Find the details you need in the developer API library, build the external interaction you need with ENSEK's Ignition platform.

5. Learn new tips and tricks

Use the ENSEK Academy as a self-serve knowledge hub for ENSEK's Ignition platform. Gain the answers you need to common questions on how to get the best out of the platform.

How do I access the ENSEK Academy?

If you do not already have access to the Learning Academy, please get in touch with Service Desk who will help you gain access.

PS - Access to the new ENSEK Academy is available through ENSEK's Ignition platform. For existing users, click the "?" in the top right corner of the screen. Once you’ve landed on the page, simply click ‘ Home’ to access a hub of documents, activities and tips.

Have a question and want to learn more? Message our team directly here. We hope you enjoy your experience with the ENSEK Academy and welcome your feedback.