B2C Billing Analyst

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In a Nutshell

We are experts in Energy and our in-house operations team, which is where this role sits, act as an outsourced back office function. As a B2C Billing Analyst, you’ll carry out the day to day activities necessary to maintain a high level of billing performance across a portfolio of domestic energy clients. Your job will be to ensure our clients’ customer bills are prepared accurately and on time using our very own CRM platform. You’ll work as a part of a team of Billing Analysts to meet our agreed Service Level Agreements with each client, identifying and removing blockages like customer consumption data, ensuring data is complete, or fixing one off exceptions that cause a bill to fail unexpectedly to get things moving again. You will become an energy expert, an energy data flows expert, and ultimately, be part of a cracking team of industry professionals who offer a very well regarded, software and data led managed service.


1. Be part of the ENSEK managed service team acting as one of our team of Billing experts our clients

2. Act as part of a team working together to deliver a great service for our clients. You’ll be fixing customer bills using your data and Industry knowledge

3. Manage great working relationships with our clients to provide consistently high service levels

4. Take pride in your work and aim to deliver the best for our clients and their customers.

Key Skills


Working as a Billing Analyst in the B2C space is tough. Our clients have high expectations as the bills we produce drive their revenue. Understanding what causes bill failures and proactively fixing them is critical to support our success


Every day is different. You will need to be prepared for constant change to deliver our client needs quickly


It’s a complex market with lots of rules. You must be comfortable with making sense of information in Excel and /or billing platforms as a minimum whilst balancing Industry regulations and client requirements


The energy market is complicated. You would be ideal if you have a background in energy, pricing or B2C Billing. If you are a little short in this area but have strong technical abilities or a thirst for learning, this could still be the role for you