Data Scientist

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In a Nutshell

We’re a software company operating in the energy sector. Our world class Software as a Service platform is the go-to option for leading energy suppliers and new market entrants alike. To understand what we do, think about your home. Somebody supplies your energy, and those suppliers are our customers. They need software to manage your account. We provide a wide range of solutions from signing up customers, taking meter readings and generating bills, to the roll-out of smart metering, managing revenue leakage and the interaction with energy comparison sites.

This role is based in Beringen, Belgium. Our Head Offiice is in Nottingham, UK but are expanding into other territories across the globe. We have just over 200 employees and are one of the fastest growing tech businesses in the country.


We are looking for a data scientist to help improve our current machine learning models and help build out our data-driven insights business unit with. You will team up with other data scientists, business analysts and industry experts to aid build the best solution for our customers.

You will be working on an independent basis on different use-cases, while reporting on regular intervals to other team members to help build the best solution for the problem and help track the progress of your efforts.

You will design full machine learning pipelines that are deployed in the AWS cloud computing platform and operate on real-time big data sets.

Over time you will gain more responsibilities in the data science team and will be able to move towards a team leading function to lead your own projects and guide other people in your team.

You will be working with a wide range of energy suppliers located in Benelux, from big corporates to smaller scale start-ups, so you must bring well-honed stakeholder skills from day one.


  1. You will be responsible for laying the foundations of new data-driven-use cases that bring new insights to industry experts.
  2. You will study new techniques to test, apply and improve existing and future use-cases.
  3. You will work accurately and are only satisfied with deliverables of a high quality.
  4. You will work independently yet communicate on regular intervals to help steer the direction of your efforts.

Key Skills


You must have solid knowledge of supervised and unsupervised machine learning methods. In additions you are able to analyse data and perform statistical analysis.


You are fluent in Python programming and have familiarity with Pandas and/or Dask.


You know how to use relational and non-relational databases such as SQL and ElasticSearch.


Knowledge of AWS services such as S3 and SageMaker is a plus.


Solving issues is what you do!


Deliverables are the result of the efforts of a multidisciplinary team.