Industry Operations Analyst

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In a Nutshell

Our clients are energy suppliers: they supply electricity and gas to businesses and homes, probably including your own home! It can be a complicated sector and so our clients often engage ENSEK to help. We are experts in Energy, and our in-house operations team, which is where this role sits, act as an outsourced back office function. As an Industry Operations Analyst, you will be the interface, the communicator if you like, between our various clients and the third parties who help the energy industry to tick.

Your job will be to make our clients' back office operations flow as smoothly as possible. You’ll work as a part of a squad of analysts to meet our agreed Service Level Agreements with each client, identifying and removing blockages like missing or erroneous data flows or resolving disputes to get things moving again. You will become an energy expert, an energy data flow expert, and ultimately, be part of a cracking team of industry professionals who offer a very well regarded, software and data-led managed service.


  1. Be part of the ENSEK managed service team, acting as the end-to-end industry back office team for our clients
  2. Be part of a small squad of people tasked with complete ownership of the back office for circa 100k customers, handling everything from registrations, disputes, metering, billing and some settlements activity.
  3. Act as part of a team, working together to deliver a great service for our clients. You’ll be managing industry processes and exceptions, talking to the customer service teams and to other industry parties, like other suppliers and agents.
  4. Take pride in your work and aim to deliver the best for our clients and their customers

Key Skills


If you have any MS-SQL, then we are golden! But it’s not essential and otherwise the usual stuff like Excel, Word and Office 365 would be a great start. Some of our best people joined with very little energy or technical experience, so don’t let this lot put you off.


We work at a quite a pace. The industry is changing fast and we have to flex and adapt to keep at the forefront. You’ll need to be ok with that too. Switching priorities with ease, moving from task to task with speed and accuracy. You’d have to like change and variety to love working here.


Fundamentally, you’ll be naturally analytical. You’ll spot issues (like a meter reading that just looks wrong), see what doesn’t fit the expected pattern and then create a solution to get things back on track.