Senior Test Engineer - Migrations

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In a Nutshell

In this role you’ll need to take ownership of the testing for your migrations. As the senior test specialist working with data and development within a Migration team, you will care about the quality of the software you release and the load of any data. We have a QA framework in place, but within that we leave it to you to design an efficient and intelligent test approach. Your solution could be automated or manual. You own it.


  1. Every migration is different, (geographies, functional requirements, and configuration). Working with the migration teams you will need to develop test processes to demonstrate to the migrations team and customers that the data has been successfully imported accurately and meeting the expected functional outcomes.
  2. Ensure data is imported correctly and in line with system and customer expectations.
  3. Prove data has been imported successfully and complete.
  4. Develop metrics to show process.
  5. Monitor cascading processes are completing successfully.
  6. Appreciation of the consequences these processes can have on end user customers and the company’s reputation if things go wrong.
  7. Knowledge of standard data migration approach and processes (E-T-L, Data Profiling, Data Analysis, Data quality issues, Data reconciliation etc.)
  8. Understanding of system integration components and integration protocols (web services, FTP, JSON etc.)
  9. Ability to test and verify mapping of data model / data definitions between As-Is and To-be technology platforms.
  10. Develop and implement reporting processes and tools to gather metrics to measure performance.

Key Skills


We don’t need all of this but - Postman or similar API test tool. Source control and experience of branching and version control. GitFlow. SQL. Continuous integration and continuous deployment tools. ISTQB qualified ideally.


Drive the test agenda in your migration team, educating your peers to build in early testing, front loading the quality assurance process.


You’ll need experience working in multi-disciplined, project teams, collaborating with software engineers, data analysts and business analysts in an agile environment.


We’d value experience in the testing of complex, multi-faceted software. Our SaaS solution has many interdependencies and configurations. This makes it a testing challenge, but hopefully one you will love getting your teeth into.