Service Desk Second Line Analyst

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In a Nutshell

In this role, you will work on our ‘new in’ or ‘backlog’ service desk team, dealing with software issues that are raised by our clients through our service desk ticketing system, called Freshdesk. You will deal with the more specialised, complex and lengthy tickets that the first line analyst may not have the skill set to resolve. You’ll research, consult on and resolve the ticket, wherever possible, using your advanced SQL skills. You will be measured through the volume and quality of your ticket resolution and therefore, the value you bring to our clients as we aim to meet our service level agreements.


1. You’ll work with our Freshdesk system daily, working with volumes of advanced level tickets, problem solving them, taking them to resolution, getting them off the system and thereby satisfying our service level agreements.

2. You’ll be supported and coached by one of our Lead Service Desk analysts who will be your point of contact daily. You will also help and coach the first line analysts to develop their SQL and problem resolution skills.

3. You will need to work closely with the first line service desk team, who will escalate to you the more complex or specialist tickets.

4. On these more complex issues, you will, typically, need to speak to others in the business, like Product Managers, DevOps, Product support engineers etc., to get to a resolution. You may also need to contact the client themselves.

5. You’ll be using your excellent root cause analysis and advanced SQL skills to own these complex ticket items, predominantly solving them yourself, but also not being afraid to escalate when necessary.

Key Skills


You’ll be a natural problem solver. Good at rationally analysing and questioning the information you have been given, then working through the problem logically to arrive at a solution rather than a quick fix


You’ll have great SQL skills, with constant and daily usage. In fact, you are probably someone who others turn to for advice about how to do things in SQL.


You will be adept at working through others, especially internal colleagues and clients, to get problems solved, whilst still owning the resolution.


You will have no fear of ticket led performance measures. To you, solving multiple, often complex problems every day is satisfying and motivational.