Technical Requirements Analyst

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In a Nutshell

This role sits in our Technical Solutions team as part of the ENSEK business stream. Our clients often have either change requests or new business strategies they want to pursue with us. This job is all about gathering their requirements, challenging and influencing those requirements as necessary, and then documenting them in the form of product backlogs items such that our software engineers can independently create a solution and get it live. Sometimes this will mean helping the client to make operational changes and use our software in different ways to achieve their goals, rather than making software changes. The critical skill is not to take what the client ‘thinks’ the solution should be, but to rationally and logically analyse their actual business need and utilse your detailed ENSEK system know how to direct them and our internal teams toward to right fit solution.


  1. You will become a subject matter expert in ENSEK’s software, building trusted client relationships and internal account manager relationships through your expertise and reputation for delivery.
  2. You will be positive and proactive in how you question, qualify and challenge the client to really get to the heart of their business need.
  3. You will spend time with clients evaluating how they use ENSEK’s software and proposing operational improvements as well as or instead of system changes.
  4. You will be able capture the client requirements, ensuring that each requirement can be met by a doable technical solution. This means never over promising, sometimes saying no, but more usually looking for a way to make it happen.
  5. You should be commercial aware. Understanding the cost and time implications for ENSEK and weighing up the value/benefit to the client.
  6. You will work with our software engineers to create product backlogs and user acceptance criteria and more generally, user guides for the client and release notes.

Key Skills


You will be in a sometimes client facing role, with strong stakeholder skills and a positive, engaging style that builds long term trust.


You will be the sort of person who loves getting to the data and can technically assess client requirements. This will have to be a part of your current role to succeed in this one.


You will have one eye on cost vs benefit, understanding what is easy to do, what is time consuming and what is practical.


You understand SaaS and design solutions that deliver value for the many not the few, having worked closely with product teams, including software engineers and testers in the past.

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