Flexible solutions designed for the energy market

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Our solutions are flexible by design, and configured to enable energy suppliers to serve their customers better, whatever market they're operating in - from domestic suppliers looking to bring new and innovative products to the residential market, right through to complex I&C suppliers providing sophisticated ancillary services.

Market: Residential

End to end solution

End-to-end solution

Our flagship B2C configuration designed for residential suppliers. Fully integrated, and covering the complete customer lifecycle - from quotation and gain through to billing, settlement and (on the rare occasion) loss.

Engage your customers

Engage your customers

Event driven, and built with a high degree of automation, every step of the customer journey is an opportunity to engage and enrich the customer experience through a configurable communications engine built-in as standard.

Market: SME

SME fully digital capability

Fully digital

Built from the ground up using modern cloud technology, ENSEK's SME configuration enables a fully digital, highly scalable, online-only customer experience. As a result, this gives you faster on-boarding times and true self-serve capability for your customer.

SME Customer Portals 2

Customer Portals

Secure customer portals place the power into your customers hands, allowing them to securely accept contracts online and enter direct debit details. The ability to access bills, download data, enter meter readings and view documents all reduces traffic to your front-line customer service teams. Allow your customers to renew directly from their customer portal for a seamless customer journey.

SME Partner Portals

Partner Portals

Designed specifically for the SME market, partner portals enable TPIs and brokers to quote, sell, onboard and proactively manage customers directly through the platform with minimal supplier intervention. Real-time pre-sales information gives visibility of in-flight sales, as well as the registration process and any exceptions. Actionable data relating to contract submissions, allows TPI’s to quickly carry out value-driven tasks when exceptions occur.

SME Price Book Control 2


You gain the ability to publish multiple Price Books simultaneously. and manage expiry periods, allowing for convenience of oversight of pricing. You’ll benefit from a highly automated audit process and rigorous API-driven validation. Only high-quality data enters the system, greatly reducing the number of sales rejected on the grounds of ‘bad data’.

Market: I&C

Reducing complexity

Making the complex simple

Make your life simpler and handle pass-through, flex and group accounts easily through ENSEK’s I&C configuration. Compatible with all meter types and sizes. From the Non-Half Hourly (NHH) gate-house meter, right through to Half-Hourly (HH) metering connected directly to the transmission network. Tailor bills to meet your customer’s needs, using robust ‘parent-child’ and ‘one-to-many’ group account hierarchies, including support for consolidated billing.

Drive product innovation

Drive product innovation

A rich set of RESTful APIs allow for the pass-through of bespoke line-item charges, allowing you to easily support new products and services in the future. Support for additional non-energy and ancillary services allow you to drive innovation in developing areas, such as Electric Vehicles (EV) and Demand Side Response (DSR).

Reliability no single point of failure 2


You’ll work with a real-time, event-driven platform that doesn’t rely on batch processing. Using a no single point of failure design ensures the system is highly available, so your customers get billed on time. With the latest cloud technology, the platform scales in-line with your demand. This means there is no reduction in performance if large groups are quickly boarded.

Piecing together an uptoate view 2


Real-time processing gives you an up-to-date view of all volumes and costs, as soon as new data becomes available. All your history is retained and available in an MI platform, allowing you to carry out analysis from any point in time. With a focus on automation and visibility, this allows for quick identification of issues that may prevent billing.

Associated Products

Solutions for every stage of growth.

New Entrant

Intuitive and automated solutions that cover the full customer lifecycle - great for start-ups and those new to the energy industry.

Established Supplier

Modern, scalable solutions to help your business grow and better engage with your customers.


Robust, flexible solutions with the agility of SaaS to enable a better customer experience and a lower cost to serve.

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