Support energy billing customers of any size. Domestic dual fuel, SME compatible, and complex I&C group sites and bespoke flex products. ENSEK’s end-to-end billing solution is a tool for you to bill accounts accurately, increase customer satisfaction and reduce cost to serve.


Real-time Billing

Benefit from a real time end-to-end billing solution with access to live balances and energy consumption insights to service your energy customers accurately and efficiently.


Customer Satisfaction

Experience streamline engagements with self-serve portals.



Manage and service energy customers of any size covering all meter type requirements, including smart and pre-payment - all on one system.

Billing Overview

Reduce complexity with one system for all billing types


Real-time billing engine for all energy customers

  1. Manage your customers in a unified, real-time billing solution that caters for domestic, SME, and I&C under one system.
  2. Eliminate batch processing and legacy processes using event driven technology in an end-to-end SaaS offering.
  3. Integration with a CRM gives your team a clear view of your portfolio, leading to a simplification in account management, customer handling and live balances.

A fully integrated solution for B2C

  1. Manage multiple accounts, reduce risk, and drive end-to-end billing efficiency across all clients.
  2. Providing Billing, Charging, Statementing and Payments all under one roof, all in real-time.
  3. Agents can manage alerted accounts pro-actively, ensuring customer engagement and experience reaches the highest of levels.

Cover all your customers' meter type requirements

  1. Use the domestic billing functionality to support all your required meter types, including Smart and pre-payment.
  2. Estimates accrue daily, with a live balance available for both your agents and customers to view in a self-serve portal.
  3. The SME and I&C solution allows you to create bespoke products and support all meters, tariffs and types across your B2B portfolio. NHH through to HH Flex & Pass-through are available, depending on your requirements. You'll have the ability to consolidate multiple MPANs and sites to a single invoice with a bespoke bill format.

Build fully flexible tariffs

  1. Reap the benefits of a customisable Time of Use solution to tailor bespoke contracts based on consumer demand patterns, to help drive efficiency, reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction.
  2. Gain real-time insights into your customers energy usage with a solution that works seamlessly with your HH smart meter data.
  3. ENSEK's Time of Use solution is a fully flexible solution that supports any type of tariff you build, whether it’s a simple day and night tariff, seasonal or one that supports your customer's greener lifestyle within the smart home.

Enhance your customer service and increase satisfaction

  1. A live balance self-serve portal allows customers to keep up-to-date with their accounts and actively manage their energy consumption.
  2. Proactively manage your portfolio’s expectations with automated validation on value or volume, allowing you to reduce bill shock for B2B customers.
  3. Give customers options with multiple payment solutions including Direct Debit, Variable Direct Debit, Bacs, cheque, PayPal and card.

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