Experience a flexible debt recovery solution to create and manage the payments and collections lifecycle of your customers.

Customisable solution

Customisable solution

Create event-based triggers and build bespoke payment pathways to cater for individual account circumstances, ensuring a frictionless debt recovery process.

Flexible payment options

Flexible payment options​

Service and manage vulnerable and financially at risk customers with flexible payment options and the ability to ringfence debt associated with specific accounts.


Enhance customer satisfaction

Benefit from flexible debt payment plans suitable for your customers' requirements, meaning more transparency over bills and clarity for service agents viewing accounts

Debt Overview

Create and manage the payments and collections lifecycle of your customers


Proactive budget management

  1. ENSEK’s Ignition platform offers the ability for customers to pay for their usage via fixed Direct Debit.
  2. Access customisable payment adequacy checks to ensure customer payment amounts are updated proactively to reflect changes in consumption patterns and reduce debt build up. Where debt build up has occurred, manage these efficiency with bespoke collection pathways.

A tailored debt recovery offering

  1. Fully integrated into ENSEK’s Ignition platform, ENSEK's Payment Plan functionality offers the ability to segment customer arrears away from future consumption.
  2. Ringfence customer debt away from the primary consumption account and provide a bespoke debt plan to ensure struggling accounts are easier to view and manage.

Identify financially vulnerable energy consumers

  1. Gain valuable insights and access information on customers last top-up dates and vital data regarding customer charge patterns to help identify financially vulnerable energy consumers.
  2. Support customers in financial stress with bespoke emergency credit settings to lessen the risk of self-disconnect.

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