Boost acquisition by giving your B2C, B2B, or I&C customers a seamless experience during the quote and sign-up journey.


API Driven

Built in API connectivity to ENSEK’s award-winning energy platform, along with third-party solutions from Salesforce and Credit Bureaux, allows centralisation of critical information.


Improve customer satisfaction

With built-in automated workflows and multiple proposals created in seconds, reduce manual data entry, and enhance customer engagements with timely response rates to customer requests, feedback and last-minute market updates.


Service customers across the globe

Acquire new customers through a seamlessly integrated platform.

Onboarding​ Overview

Deliver a streamlined onboarding journey from quote to sign up


Industry Pricing Engine

  1. A faster, smarter way to deliver complex B2B energy contracts.
  2. Using simplified and streamlined processes, allow your customers to review, negotiate and agree contracts digitally, in-line with pre-determined restrictions and managerial approvals.
  3. Enable sales teams to create contracts from any device, anytime, and anywhere with a truly cloud native solution.

SME Digital Onboarding

  1. Provide a fully integrated sign-up journey for your SME customers allowing you to more efficiently convert incoming leads. Either online or over the phone.​
  2. Small business customers can compare quotes and sign up in the space of 90 seconds. Suppliers can become a partner supplier and benefit gain new customers, simply by assigning a pricebook within Ignition.

Customer Relationship Management Solution

  1. Providing a streamline journey for Residential, SME and I&C customers, whether it’s onboarding, case management, renewals or even change of tenancy.
  2. Access a full 360° view of the customer from one single data source, whilst benefiting from task-based workflows to ensure back-office teams and customer service agents can work together to resolve exceptions quickly and effectively.

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