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At ENSEK, we want to keep our customers in the driver's seat. Our approach is about giving energy suppliers a fully flexible platform, enabling them to digitally transform and build for the future of energy, in line with their core principles. Providing this level of flexibility includes working with partners that help us to deliver an adaptable and resilient platform, giving energy suppliers the control to transform at pace, without the compromises.

Featured Partners

Helping us to deliver an adaptable and resilient platform


Amazon Web Services

As an AWS Advanced Technology Partner, ENSEK has built its world-class platform on AWS. Covering the full customer lifecycle, the solution provides the flexibility required for energy customers to pursue their digital transformation and energy transition journeys without having to build solutions from scratch. AWS' services also enable ENSEK to launch in new regions within weeks.


Enhancing the customer experience is a core focus for ENSEK. By combining ENSEK’s digital energy capabilities with Salesforce’s customer relationship management solution helps to bring energy suppliers even closer to their customers. Full integration gives energy supply teams a single view of the customer, providing energy consumers with a seamless experience.


Capgemini is purpose-built to help guide energy and utility companies through tech-triggers and market shifts. With the energy industry moving through huge changes, Capgemini works with ENSEK to ensure energy suppliers digitally transform successfully, whilst maintaining a customer-centric mindset and model.


The energy transition has made it inevitable for energy and utilities companies to reimagine their technology, operating models, and the way they engage with customers. ENSEK’s strategic alliance with Infosys combines a deep level of expertise in the energy value chain, with state-of-the-art software. Infosys and ENSEK currently work together to deliver superior business outcomes for clients across Europe and ANZ and is looking to expand this collaboration across the globe.


ENSEK's partnership with Wipro underscores a joint goal to enhance value for customers, using complimentary capabilities. Wipro brings scale for end-to-end services for consulting, system integration, and Business Process as a Service, as well as a local presence in all key markets. ENSEK provides the digital core for next-gen energy solutions. The combination of best-in-class services and a cutting-edge Software as a Service platform provides utility companies with the right solution to tackle challenges in a dynamic market.

All Partners


Integrated credit bureau solutions for both B2B and B2C consumers.


Integrated payment solution.

Smarter Pay

Integrated payment solution


Consumer credit reporting


Integrated DD solution

C&C Group

Integrated MPxN and address validation service.


Integration with residential energy insights and predictions provider, NET2GRID, to improve customer engagement and lower cost to serve for energy retailers.