Digital Insights

Customer Insights & Business Analytics

Analyse, orchestrate, and unlock the knowledge behind complex customer and industry data, helping you to drive next level business performance.

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Real time insights

From the Finance department to the Customer Service team, Digital Insights empowers you to elevate your customer experience and drive smarter business decisions in real-time.


Flexible platform

Built to scale with you. Open architecture and RESTful APIs allow you the flexibility you need to run with the provided dashboards or integrate with your own analytical tool.


Customisable reporting

Create your own reports using pre-set visualisations. Gain value from Digital Insights, regardless of the size or complexity of your business.

Digital Insights

Surface the knowledge behind your complex customer and industry data


Improve your decision making with unlocked data

  1. Using the interactive dashboards on Digital Insights, feel empowered to analyse trends, spot issues before they materialise, and better understand your customers.
  2. Improve your decision making and unlock valuable insight behind your data. Profile customer behaviour to engage with your accounts better, provide an excellent customer service and be more proactive with reducing churn.

Reduce data complexity and focus on cost-effective improvements

  1. Reduce extensive resources, time and complexity required to determine valuable conclusions. Digital Insights provides the vision and comprehension required to improve processes, reduce costs and increase margins.​
  2. Keep a close focus on business performance and delivery to customers. Monitor ad hoc or trending activities, that will provide an outlook on proactive opportunities going forward.

A flexible platform for your entire business

  1. Digital Insights is a customisable, centralised and cost-effective solution for your entire energy supply business to gain access to. From the CFO, to Operations, Sales, and Management. Flex dashboards with your business logic to draw the insight you require to hit business goals.
  2. Access to Digital Insights significantly reduces the need for off-system processing. Gain access to dashboards covering: Business growth, process efficiency, customer insights, financial control and industry performance.​

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