Flexible and scalable software, accessible from anywhere and at any time

A cloud native SaaS platform

Enabling digital transformation and accelerating the energy transition


Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

All ENSEK’s solutions are delivered as a service – By leveraging the benefits of a cloud-based platform, you can access world-class resilience and scalability. Achieve economies of scale in both performance and cost to serve, with an integrated solution that suits your customer's needs.



Utilising the core principles of a microservices architecture, services are loosely coupled and modular to improve resilience and scalability.



Clear, defined workflows that cut through complex industry exceptions. Value driven activity for operational teams to work through, with seamless handovers to front office service agents with actions in plain English.



Processes in the energy industry are complex, and rarely follow a strict logical sequence. Through events, these asynchronous processes are handled smoothly, allowing for further scalability and flexibility.

Product Features


A rich set of RESTful APIs support third party integrations, enabling energy suppliers to remain in the driving seat of their tech strategy.


World class scalability and resiliency at a far lower price point than legacy on-premise systems. Digital transformation and innovation that aims to reduce cost to serve.


Enterprise grade scalability through the power of cloud technology.


Delivered as a web-app, increasing the accessibility for users, whilst flexing around their working needs.


A distributed and loosely coupled system architecture to maximise resiliency and uptime.


Event-driven architecture enables real-time processing and eradicates batch processing.
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We believe that a sustainable future for the globe means developing technology that enables adaptability and scalability.

Pressures to hit net zero goals and slow climate change are shifting the way many individuals and businesses want to live. As the drive for renewable energy generation and storage options increases, the energy industry continues to decentralise.​

​ENLab is ENSEK’s innovation engine. It’s a team that concentrates on the changing dynamics of the energy market to accelerate the digital energy transition. We want to provide energy suppliers with future-proof tech options that create resiliency through adaptability.

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