ENSEK appoints new Chief Technology Officer to supercharge its EnTech platform

Jul 12, 2022

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Tommy Mortberg

Head of Pre-Sales

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Duncan Ellis joins from Igloo Energy, bringing over 20 years of technology delivery experience

Nottingham, UK, 14th July 2022 – ENSEK, the leading global retail energy SaaS provider, has announced Duncan Ellis as its new Chief Technology Officer. He will drive the development of its market-leading EnTech platform, empowering energy suppliers on their digital transition journey.

In his new role, Ellis will play a critical role in the development of ENSEK’s Ignition platform, enabling incremental innovation within the platform so that energy suppliers can reduce their cost to serve, simplify, enhance customer experience, and meet their future energy transition goals. In addition, he will be responsible for further accelerating this high-performing team at ENSEK.

“Every organisation has a role to play in the sustainability of our environment and the energy systems that we use,” commented Ellis. “Companies need to assess how they can contribute, and ENSEK is in a fantastic position to support and enable companies to do exactly this.
“We’re on the cusp of the digital energy transition, but suppliers need the right technology and the right platform to support them on this journey. ENSEK’s technology is both the catalyst and the toolbox that energy suppliers need, and I am excited to play a leading role in developing it further.”

Before joining ENSEK, Ellis was the co-founder and CTO of UK energy provider, Igloo Energy. It was here that Ellis was introduced to ENSEK for the first time, as customer number two on its Ignition platform. Launching the new entrant in 2016, Igloo Energy quickly became a supplier of choice and consistently ranked in the top three of the Citizen’s Advice Customer Service Ratings. This success was built through the power of collaboration and high-performing teams, which was reflected in their employee engagement survey.

Ellis will pick up from where James Kirk, former CTO and now Director of Technical Solutions, left off. As a Co-founder of the company, Kirk spent many years overseeing the build of Ignition. With his extensive knowledge of ENSEK’s leading SaaS platform and the energy industry, he is extremely well-placed to spend more time with our customers, supporting seamless portfolio migrations and ensuring that customers are able to leverage the full capacity of the platform to drive the digital energy transition”.

“We’re incredibly happy to welcome Duncan into the ENSEK leadership team, building on his knowledge of our technology, platform, and our great relationship,” added Jon Slade, CEO, of ENSEK. “He brings a wealth of supplier-side experience to ENSEK, which will be invaluable as we lead energy providers towards their transformation goals. Additionally, James’ new position will support our customers on how best to leverage our platform, whilst protecting our ongoing product roadmap.”

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