ENSEK Launches International District Heating Solution

May 5, 2021

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Tommy Mortberg

Head of Pre-Sales

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Nottingham, UK – ENSEK, the leading global retail energy SaaS provider is today announcing the launch of its new product offering for the District Heating market.

ENSEK’s District Heating Solution enables District and Communal Heating suppliers (UK and Europe) to fully service the domestic and commercial customer journey.

The new cloud based, SaaS platform from ENSEK will support energy suppliers in registering and servicing multiple households on heat networks. From registering and onboarding, to billing and complaint management, suppliers are able to provide an enhanced end to end customer experience, whilst reducing time consuming administrative tasks such as month-end billing and invoicing.

Suppliers using ENSEK’s District Heating Solution will also benefit from intelligent data management and embedded connectivity, allowing for real time, accurate multi-service billing (heating, cold and hot water, electricity, gas, HVAC and sewage).

David Mvula, Commercial Manager - District Heating, ENSEK explains “With recent economic volatility in mind, it has become increasingly important for both suppliers and end customers to be able to predict and track payment plans to gain better transparency of finances. With real time data all in one central place, this allows for greater visibility for both supplier and end consumer.”

Tyron Vardy, Chief Product Officer, ENSEK comments “The underlying architecture is a first of its kind in the District Heating market. We have embedded scalability, connectivity, and flexibility into the District Heating Solution, enabling our clients to service their customers quickly and seamlessly across multiple geographies.

To discover more about our latest offering, you can visit the ENSEK District Heating Solution website page or download the product sheet here.

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