ENSEK launches Smart DCC Adapter in UK

Nov 18, 2020

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Tommy Mortberg

Head of Pre-Sales

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Nottingham, UK – ENSEK, the leading global retail energy SaaS provider is today announcing the launch of its Smart DCC Adapter, an end-to-end smart metering capability. The solution is fully accredited and enables energy data to be communicated efficiently and securely between smart meters and energy suppliers.

The Smart DCC Adapter offers much needed customer insights, including accurate meter readings and bills by collecting and utilising real-time data. With this information, suppliers can manage grid demand, and use consumption mapping to innovate further for increased customer satisfaction.

With full integration into ENSEK’s Ignition platform, suppliers can benefit from a highly automated system, reducing manual activities and providing actionable data in one place. For instance, ENSEK’s technology helps alleviate the burden of tasks such as updating prices set on meters, aligning bills, and read cycles, instead automating these processes. With accurate meter readings and billing, suppliers can significantly improve the customer experience, with a reduced cost to serve.

ENSEK’s Smart DCC Adapter empowers suppliers to implement further innovative changes into their business offering, securing an increased competitive advantage in the market. With an integrated smart meter capability, suppliers can expand offerings to feed into new markets. Incorporating Time of Use (ToU) solutions that use half hourly data can cater for energy consumers with a greener agenda, for example supporting Electric Vehicles, solar and smart homes.

With ever-growing importance in the current climate to keep consumer costs down and encourage a greener way of living, ENSEK’s Smart DCC Adapter provides a simple, smart solution to address both customer and suppliers individual needs.

Tyron Vardy, Chief Product Officer at ENSEK commented: “At ENSEK, we work tirelessly to create solutions that make our customers’ lives easier. The Smart DCC Adapter solves the issue around dispersed data and complex meter transition, as well as providing greater customer insights. Our solution improves visibility of consumers’ energy usage by providing best-in-class consumption mapping, making it easier to manage grid demands.’’

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