ENSEK recognises staff at annual Star awards

Feb 23, 2024

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Laura Handley

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At ENSEK, we believe it takes great people to make a company successful – and each year we celebrate our wonderful talent with our ENSEK Star’s awards.

The initiative sees our employees nominate colleagues in a range of categories, with the results revealed  and awards handed out at the end of the year.

The categories include Ennovator, someone who is continuously looking at ways to improve the company and its way of working, Energiser, which recognises a person who provides energy as soon as they enter the room. Our Star awards also include our unsung hero Hidden Gem, the go-to Know It All, the above-and-beyond Star Player, the supportive Team Player and our Ray of Sunshine who is recognised as bringing positivity to any situation.

We’re also delighted to give our Inspiring ENSEKer award, which honours someone who inspires others as a true role model.

For our latest awards, we were delighted to have a huge number of nominations from and for staff across our company – but there could only be one winner for each. So, a massive congratulations to:


Ennovator – Zara Holloway

Energiser – James Chambers

Hidden Gem – Lucy Willan

Know It All – Ben Webb

Star Player – Ed French

Team Player – Billy Johnson

Ray of Sunshine – April Woodward

Inspiring ENSEKer – Andy Smith


“The ENSEK Star awards are a highlight of the year,” said Laura Handley, Head of HR,. “They’re not only exciting and fun when presented, but they’re a great way of saying thank you to our wonderful team at ENSEK and recognising the impact and contributions of all our people – both through the work delivered as well as showing support for their fellow colleagues.

“At ENSEK we believe that it’s great people that make a company successful – and we also believe in celebrating and recognising our employees. So I want to say congratulations to the winners and thank you to all our ENSEKers.”

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