ENSEK strengthens workforce with 43 new hires in January

Feb 14, 2024

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Laura Handley

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ENSEK, the leading global retail energy SaaS software provider, has hired 43 new staff in January alone. This announcement marks a significant milestone in its growth journey and an 11% increase in the company’s workforce.


As the business-critical technology to the world's leading energy suppliers, ENSEK's SaaS platform enables radical transformation – creating lean, customer-centric and adaptive retail businesses that are empowered to play their leading role in achieving net zero. The firm has been rapidly hiring to bring new talent into the industry.

The move includes new hires in Engineering, Professional Services, Service Desk and Managed Services.

The expansion is a strategic response to the evolving needs of customers as the industry undergoes the rapid digital energy transformation. ENSEK remains at the forefront of this movement, investing in skilled professionals to enhance its product and service capabilities.

“This significant increase in our workforce allows us to deepen our support for energy retailers navigating the complexities of the digital transformation. We are empowering our teams to develop, deliver and service the energy retail platform of the future,” said Jon Slade, ENSEK’s CEO and Founder

The recruitment has also been an HR triumph for the company. It sees an expansion of 11% of its workforce in just one month to 414 members of staff. And despite the rapid growth, ENSEK is able to maintain its core values, positive work culture and high employee satisfaction.

Commenting on the expansion, Laura Handley, Head of HR at ENSEK, said: “We’re thrilled to welcome 43 talented individuals to our growing team. This significant talent investment not only reinforces our commitment to the energy sector but also allows us to provide stable employment opportunities. I’d also like to thank our incredible team and Managers who have taken on such a large number of new hires seamlessly, providing an excellent onboarding experience which has received some brilliant feedback.”

Dave Bage – Lead Software Engineer said:

"Having the chance to join ENSEK as a Lead Software Engineer where I can continue to grow as well as utilise previous industry experience was an opportunity I could not miss. The onboarding experience was in depth and everyone has been really supportive and there is a real "pulling together" ethos. They also support their staff in a progressive career path ranging from apprenticeships all the way up to team engineering managers. I look forward to a great tenure with ENSEK"

Chloe Whitehead – Operations Analyst said:

“When the opportunity arose to join ENSEK – I absolutely couldn’t let it go. The company culture was something I wanted to be a part of, with supportive people and friendly faces everywhere – I was confident this would optimize my productivity and growth. The onboarding process was straightforward and smooth! One key area that I was pleased to see about ENSEK is mental health being at the forefront of importance, allowing me to feel comfortable to talk about how I’m feeling. Lastly, the progressive opportunities available internally, enabling me to progress in my learning journey and utilise my skills. I am grateful for my role and can’t wait to see what the future brings at ENSEK.”


With plans for further expansion in a variety of areas ENSEK looks forward to continued success….

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