Faster Switching, the latest on design and ENSEK’s involvement

Feb 24, 2020

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Tommy Mortberg

Head of Pre-Sales

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Summary – What is Faster Switching

In 2017, Ofgem announced plans for a faster switching programme. The idea is to allow customers next day switching for domestic gas & electricity services and two working days for non-domestic.

Current industry procedures will be replaced with event based, API driven processes.

In addition, a new central address service will provide a reconciled single address for each location. Ofgem forecast the go-live of this service for summer 2021.

ENSEK’s design and how this impacts customers

This is an exciting change programme, which will increase choice for energy consumers and help disrupt and simplify complex industry processes.

As the programme is offering market participants the option of using adaptor services it’s important to highlight ENSEK’s design approach.

Aligned to our ambition to simplify the industry through technology, we will not be using a third-party service. Instead, we will replace existing dataflows with API calls directly to the Central Switching Service (CSS).

Driving the programme at an industry level with involvement from ENSEK

There are several industry programme coordinated workstreams that ENSEK’s project team are attending.

This includes design, test and readiness and ensures we are kept at the forefront of all relevant programme level activities.

We are one of a small number of parties involved in the System Integration Testing (SIT) phase of the programme, led by Ofgem.

By being part of this select group, we can lead the industry in these large-scale changes and advise on energy suppliers’ requirements during the design phase at an industry level.

Regular updates continued and aligned to the central programme milestones

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