NET2GRID and ENSEK announce partnership to provide integrated solution for energy retailers

May 3, 2022

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Tommy Mortberg

Head of Pre-Sales

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Zeist, The Netherlands, May 4th, 2022 – NET2GRID, the leading AI provider of energy insights and predictions based on smart meter data of all granularities, today announces a partnership with ENSEK, the SaaS company behind the world’s leading energy suppliers, who provide a platform that powers digital-first, customer-centric energy supply businesses. The integrated solution will enable utility companies to increase customer engagement, lower their cost to serve by up 50%, and enable new revenue stream opportunities.

NET2GRID’s energy insight capabilities, combined with ENSEK’s agile platform, enable utilities to turn smart meter data into value for customer engagement, customer intelligence, and smart billing. ENSEK’s 100% cloud-native platform provides software to energy retailers from quote to sign up, billing, collection, and service, all in real-time. Coupled with NET2GRID's energy insights, energy retailers can improve their relationship with their customers and increase satisfaction by providing personalized invoice insights. Furthermore, supported by ENSEK’s end-to-end platform solution, energy retailers can enhance their CRM systems and marketing operations with a unique 360 view of their customers. The combined solution will help energy retailers to provide engaging energy consumption information in billing, improve the customer service experience, and offer a better agent experience, which can lead to a reduction of service calls by up to 60%.

The integrated solution provides even more benefits to energy retailers as the adoption of e-mobility and smart home devices accelerate, so a better orchestration of HEM systems becomes essential. Energy retailers can have more information to improve their customers’ journey, offering a seamless digital experience and personalized advice on the charging of EV cars or residential PV performance.

Jon Slade, CEO at ENSEK comments: “ We are building a community of customers and partners who want to play a leading role in achieving net-zero and are delighted that NET2GRID will be part of this journey with us. Our purpose is to accelerate the digital energy transition and we will do this by continuing to build a global platform that puts the customer at the heart of a connected, low cost, and zero-carbon energy future.

The NET2GRID/ENSEK solution enables energy retailers in the United Kingdom and the Benelux countries to reduce their cost-to-serve, saving from extra investment in costly IT resources. As both solutions run on the AWS cloud, scaling and time-to-market become fast, secure, and cost-effective.

‘’ We are excited about our partnership with ENSEK. The integration with ENSEK will allow energy retailers in the United Kingdom and Benelux to create value out of collected data without allocating extra time and IT resources for it. “ says Bert Lutje Berenbroek, CEO at NET2GRID.


ENSEK’s purpose is to accelerate the digital energy transition.

As the business-critical technology to the world’s leading energy suppliers, ENSEK’s cloud-native SaaS platform enables radical transformation – creating lean, customer-centric, and adaptive retail businesses that are empowered to play their leading role in achieving net-zero.

Beyond supply, the ENSEK platform aims to connect, orchestrate, and optimize billions of smart devices and assets that are key to a decentralized, digitized, and decarbonized energy future.


NET2GRID provides the most accurate residential energy insights and predictions thanks to our unique know-how in collecting and analysing smart meter data of all granularities. Our clients include E.ON, EDP, EDF, and ENI.

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