Returning to ENSEK – Adam Boggeln, Solutions Analyst.

Dec 13, 2023

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Tommy Mortberg

Head of Pre-Sales

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We’re delighted to welcome Adam Boggeln back to the ENSEK team. Originally at the company between 2017 and 2020 as a Business Analyst, Adam has just begun his second stint as our new Solutions Analyst. In this interview, Adam sheds light on his initial departure, the lessons he learned while away helping run a small sports apparel business, his reasons for returning, and his exciting new chapter.


  • You previously decided to leave ENSEK in 2020 following your first stint at the company – why?
    • I left as an opportunity came up to help some of my friends run their sports apparel business. It was completely different to the realms of ENSEK and what I'd done previously, at that time I couldn't pass up trying something new and in a different industry.


  • What role did you previously have here at ENSEK?
    • I was a Business Analyst, predominantly working with onboarding new clients on to the Ignition platform. This ranged from brand new market entrants to large established suppliers looking to migrate their existing portfolios. I joined back in 2017 and I think I was around employee number 45 at that time.


  • What have you learnt during your time away from ENSEK?
    • Although the role and the market differ drastically, I've definitely picked up some transferable skills I can use now I'm back at ENSEK. In a small business like my old role, I was able to have a broader view of all business areas. This gives me insight and appreciation on how decisions can have a wider impact on the business from both a process efficiency perspective and a commercial one.


  • Why did you decide to return?
    • It was the right time to make a change for me both personally and professionally. I really missed working in a larger company where you can bounce ideas off people and be part of a team. Luckily for me there was a role I was suited to at ENSEK and after a couple of discussions with (Chief Delivery Officer) Mark Wright my mind was made up pretty quickly.


  • What role have you returned to and what does it entail?
    • I've returned as a Solutions Analyst in Professional Services reporting to Patrick O'Neill (Head of Technical Solutions). I'm looking at business processes and how they can be improved and made as efficient and streamlined as possible. It's an interesting and evolving role that I'm enjoying getting into. 


  • Have you seen improvements since your return?
    • Yes. The obvious answer is the software itself which has no doubt improved with the number of talented people here at ENSEK. However, the more impressive enhancements have been in ENSEK’s attitude to employee wellbeing. I've seen a whole host of training and learning tailored to myself and my role, and I've already attended a mental health check-in hosted by our Mental Health First Aiders. It's great to see that looking after people is at the forefront of the business.


  • What is still the same and what makes ENSEK, ENSEK?
    • ENSEK is all about the people. I've already alluded to the talent we have here, it's clear to see that's continued since I've been away. I became friends with people here during my first time so it's great to be working with so many familiar faces again and I've already met some new people I'm excited to work with going forward.  


  • What are you looking forward to now you have returned?
    • Based on the conversations I've had in the few weeks I've been back there's going to be some exciting opportunities coming up which will be great to be a part of. With what's in the pipeline, ENSEK is a really exciting place to work and I'm happy to be back.

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