Batteries, more than half positive

Dec 3, 2018

Written By

Tommy Mortberg

Head of Pre-Sales

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Battery Storage - fulfilling our energy needs.

Yesterday we wrote about solar power, today battery storage. Both are inextricably linked and together could power our homes when we most need it, and do it low cost.

Batteries store energy in chemical form and convert it back to electricity when needed, they have been around for a long time like solar power so why are they innovative? They are now more powerful, more efficient, smaller and cheaper to produce than ever. We can have them power our houses, our cars and even use them to store excess energy created by the grid. Energy suppliers are also now exploring the opportunities that home battery storage affords to customer. Home batteries could reduce demand on the grid, reduce customers bills and use cleaner greener energy.

By storing energy at low demand times and at cheaper rates customers could save hundreds on their bills and a number of energy suppliers in the industry are leading the charge on this, with the leaders being powered by ENSEK.

ENSEK's utility software is intelligent, automated & scalable. A leading SaaS platform bringing energy into the digital age and supporting energy suppliers using solar and battery storage. To find out more visit our technology page.

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