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Dec 3, 2020

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Tommy Mortberg

Head of Pre-Sales

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Innovation at Pace with Jon Slade

Jon Slade, CEO of ENSEK, chats about what the last 12 months have looked like and where the future of the company lies.

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What has this year looked like for us so far?

The past 12 months have been a whirlwind of activity, continuously innovating and creating opportunities for our customers.

We’ve launched into two new geographies, Benelux (Belgium and the Netherlands), as well as Australia. A big change from the start of the year.

To continue evolving at pace, the product teams have released three new products this year, as well as delivering regular, bi-weekly feature updates which are consumed by customers via the Ignition platform.

A really interesting move for us has been launching Tickd, a digital comparison and switching site for small business owners. This is an exciting opportunity and the first of its kind in the energy industry.

We’ve also looked at good investment opportunities for the scalability of our platform, as well as people and processes. This has enabled us to embrace new opportunities, especially the move into new geographies and adjacent sectors.

The final area to touch on is the investment into our platform UX and UI. We’ve put a lot of focus this year into how we improve the customer experience, not just in terms of the end-consumer, but also our client’s agents and how they interact with their customers and manage their journeys.

Where does our focus lie now?

Looking at our next big ambition and the focus across the teams, it will be to continue evolving the Ignition platform at pace and at scale.

Suppliers will be able to make changes quickly, as well as lowering operational running costs.

Evolving at pace enables us to meet the demands of our customers quickly and provide enterprise-grade scalability and comfort.

It also enables customers to flex their organisations as they move beyond pure commodity and other services and parts of the retail value chain.

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