How has ENSEK scaled sustainably?

Dec 9, 2020

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Tommy Mortberg

Head of Pre-Sales

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Scaling Sustainably with Jon Slade

Jon Slade, CEO, explains the strong growth trajectory ENSEK has had over the last several years and how the company has scaled sustainably.

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How have we scaled sustainably?

The energy market is a complex market and one we deeply understand. The formative years of ENSEK served as a strong foundation and gave us a strong track record to deliver successfully in this market.

We’ve been able to move quickly in the last few years, as the market has evolved. We pivoted the organisation around 4 years ago and now have a cloud-native, end-to-end retail platform.

We’ve invested heavily in our technology and our people. Only 4 years ago we had around 20 employees - we’re now at over 200 employees and continue to hire in a number of areas around the organisation.

Our teams are really passionate about delivering great service, but also about automation and leveraging the data and the technology that’s available today, to drive better experiences for our customers. We’re utilising automation so our teams can do more, but with less effort.

How have we scaled sustainably internationally?

As we’ve conquered the UK market, we’re now looking at new, international markets and we’ve moved into a couple of new geographies this year.

The platform we’ve built enables us to move into those territories a lot easier.

If I take the example of moving into Belgium, we created a communication layer with our platform so we could move into that new territory within 8 weeks.

With us moving internationally this year, that’s also been coupled with working fully remotely across the organisation.

We’ve continued building teams, but remotely, to service our customers, at scale, and in different markets.

Deep rooted in that has been the innovative culture we’ve created within ENSEK and as we hire into the organisation we look for that DNA, or fabric, as part of our organisational structure.

Data and technology is key for us and leveraging that as part of our purpose is really important.

We’ve been able to build out those teams remotely, service customers in new geographies and support different time zones.

That move to remote working has enabled us to move into new geographies easier than it may have been before, as some of those barriers have been removed.

I’m really proud of what the team have achieved this year, as we’ve looked to service not just our UK base, but also our new customers in new markets.

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