How can an intuitive tech platform improve customer retention and experience?

Nov 22, 2021

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Tommy Mortberg

Head of Pre-Sales

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"There is an 80% increase in revenue for businesses that focus on improving customer experience." (*Forbes)

Customer expectations are continually increasing, and in order to thrive and adapt in a competitive and challenging market, businesses must prioritise these demands.

With 89% of consumers moving to competitors following a bad customer experience (*RightNow), and the cost of acquiring new customers being around 5-25 times more expensive than retaining (*Harvard Business Review), it is more important than ever to focus on a customer centric strategy.

How can you aid your teams to deliver the best experience possible?

Your sales agents are at the forefront of your business and are influential to your customers’ experience. With this team being a key point of contact, it’s paramount to invest in the right technology to ensure maximum customer engagement and satisfaction.

Investment in a platform that your team can effortlessly navigate and utilise will aid in the success of delivering the best customer experience.

How can technology support this?

The right technology can enable organisations to digitally transform, innovate, and provide a seamless customer experience. Without investing in the right tools, your team can be faced with using a complicated and process heavy platform, especially if using multiple environments across the same portfolio.

This can play a large role in the level of customer service being delivered and whether it creates a positive engagement for consumers. Working with an intuitive platform, from a single source of truth, to efficiently manage your customer lifecycle can bring many benefits both internally, and externally.

“Increasing customer journey satisfaction will lift the customer satisfaction by up to 20%, as well as revenues by 15%, while keeping the customer serving cost lower by 20%” (*McKinsey)

  • Time saving
    Your sales agents can reduce time usually spent navigating between different complex systems and focus on providing a seamless experience for your customers. Through time saving efficiencies your team can deliver quicker response times to queries and issues, and efficiently manage the customer journey.
  • Reduce manual processes
    Having access to a fully automated platform removes unnecessary manual tasks and reduces human error that would usually occur when handling substantial amounts of data. Improved accuracy and reduced complexities can speed up first time resolution, leaving customers feeling happier after contact with their supplier.
  • Centralised data
    Using a platform where data is stored in one central location allows agents to gain valuable insights. They can benefit from 360-degree views of customer account activity to learn more about items such as existing open enquiries, debt management, or when milestones need attention. These real time insights can drive successful decision making and reduce unwanted repeat customer contact.
  • Improve internal efficiency
    When new team members join, onboarding can be time consuming and process heavy. Investment in an intuitive platform can improve internal efficiency through less time being spent on training and onboarding onto complicated systems, leaving agents to focus on putting the customer first.

For businesses to remain competitive in a constantly changing landscape, investment in the right technology to support internal teams is essential. Technology can help accelerate your team's ability to deliver outstanding customer experiences, as well as drive business efficiency, customer loyalty and higher revenue.

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