How do you balance grid demand and customer satisfaction?

Jan 15, 2021

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Tommy Mortberg

Head of Pre-Sales

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It's predicted that 50% of households will have Time of Use tariffs by 2032 and 80% will have them by 2050*.

As consumer lifestyles become more complex, balancing the demand on energy has become a key focus for the energy industry. From remote working, an increase in Electric Vehicles, to consumers looking for greener options, it's becoming harder to predict energy usage and evolve tariff options to lifestyle changes.

With the roll out of smart meters, how can energy suppliers meet energy demand and ensure they future-proof their retail energy business?

Whether your energy customers need a tariff by half hourly periods due to their energy consumption patterns, or to meet changing seasons, collect and analyse energy data and design tariffs that encourage off-peak usage.

ENSEK's Time of Use Solution enables your team to create fully flexible and bespoke Time of Use tariffs to match the simplicity or complexity required by the customers scenario. Whether it's for Electric Vehicles, smart homes or even a hot pod yoga business.

Time of Use Infographic for hot pod yoga

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