Industry Pricing Engine - Intro and demo

May 18, 2020

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Tommy Mortberg

Head of Pre-Sales

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An intro and demo to the Industry Pricing Engine

ENSEK launched the Industry Pricing Engine earlier in the year, a cloud-based, automated pricing solution designed to reduce admin and increase speed and accuracy within the SME and I&C sales and pricing teams.

David Mvula and Emma Lovell broke the tool down, giving listeners information on what the Industry Pricing Engine does, how it benefits teams and running through a live demo.

Watch the webinar recording here

What is the Industry Pricing Engine?

The Industry Pricing Engine is a pricing solution that allows your teams to propose customer contracts.

For a method that would usually take hours, with a high admin input for individuals to process, the Industry Pricing Engine allows teams to work with a highly automated system. The results providing increased speeds and higher accuracy, ulitmately leading to a lower cost to serve and increased customer satisfaction for a necessary process.

The tool grows with your energy supply business, providing a fully digital, scalable and flexible system. Advanced architecture allows you to optimise your selling, allowing your teams to focus more on the customer, rather than admin.

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