Why choose a SaaS provider?

Sep 2, 2021

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Lucy Willan

Office Manager

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Did you know the number 1 technology that firms will invest/are investing in to aid digital transformation is SaaS?

Many utilities companies are still building new complex solutions internally or paying extortionate consulting fees for solutions that already exist on the market.

However, utility suppliers can now leverage an already existing SaaS provider to solve their problems long before they even become problems, and at a pace that is in line with the market.

But why choose a SaaS provider?

5 reasons SaaS providers are the answer for energy

What does this mean for the energy industry?

SaaS solutions are an affordable alternative offering flexibility that energy suppliers can benefit from, such as lower implementation barriers, lower costs, agility of modern software architecture and continuous feature upgrades.

You can read in more detail the 5 reasons SaaS providers are the answer for energy here.

*BetterCloud: 2020 State of SaaSOps

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