ENSEK Benelux wins Energy Tech award in Deloitte’s 2020 Technology Fast 50

Nov 26, 2020

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Tommy Mortberg

Head of Pre-Sales

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Beringen, Belgium date 26th November 2020 – ENSEK was listed in Deloitte’s 2020 Technology Fast 50 competition, winning an additional award in the Energy Tech category.

The Fast 50 award is given to Belgium’s fastest-growing energy technology companies, based on their percentage of growth in turnover during the last four years.

ENSEK provides a global market-leading Software as a Service platform to energy retail businesses, offering solutions to lower supplier’s cost to serve whilst improving energy-consumer satisfaction.

In 2020 ENSEK acquired Belgium-based energy consultancy and data analytics company, NrgFin, creating ENSEK Benelux. The complimentary partnership enabled both companies to expand on their software and service offerings, continuing to drive innovative change in the energy sector.

In addition to the award for the fastest growth, ENSEK was also awarded the Energy Tech category of Deloitte’s Technology Fast 50 2020.

Ilse Melotte, MD at ENSEK Benelux commented:

“We’re delighted to be part of Deloitte’s Technology Fast 50 and to be awarded the Energy Tech category too. We’ve worked hard over the last several years to provide data-driven, innovative change to the energy sector. The industry is incredibly complex, and we’ve made it our mission to provide the energy market with solutions that improve cost and operational efficiency, so suppliers can concentrate on what’s important to them – their customers”.

About the Deloitte’s 2020 Technology Fast 50

The Technology Fast 50 competition is an annual selection of the 50 fastest growing and innovative technology companies headquartered and founded in Belgium. Public or private companies who develop a technology related product or service and who have experienced substantial revenue growth over the last four years can be officially named as one of the 50 fastest-growing technology companies, should they qualify for the title.


ENSEK is on a mission to remove the complexity of the energy industry and let suppliers focus on what really matters – their customers. Its Software as a Service platform, Ignition, provides the tools and services required for energy suppliers across B2C, B2B and I&C markets to enable the reduction in an energy supplier’s cost to serve, whilst increasing customer satisfaction.

ENSEK provides products and services to energy companies all over the world, driving digital transformation through the energy industry.

For more information, visit: www.ensek.be

For more information about ENSEK Benelux contact:

Emma Lovell, Senior Marketing Manager, emma.lovell@ensek.co.uk

For more information about Deloitte’s Technology Fast 50, please contact:

Nathalie Geentjens, Marketing & Communications Deloitte Belgium, ngeentjens@deloitte.com

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