ENSEK appoints Head of Customer Optimisation to drive customer excellence

Mar 14, 2022

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Tommy Mortberg

Head of Pre-Sales

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With over 10 years of experience, Rebecca Smith will integrate customer-centric functions to meet growing demands.

London, UK, 15 March 2022 – ENSEK, the leading global retail energy SaaS provider, today announced that Rebecca Smith has been named Head of Customer Optimisation. In her new role, Smith will lead a customer optimisation function, dedicated to creating a better experience for ENSEK’s customer base and support them in achieving their business objectives. This is a strategic move to help providers in their digital transformation journey and ultimately to accelerate the energy market’s net zero transition in a smart and cost-effective way.

This function will work directly with customers to help them achieve their target outcomes through an operating model tailored to their needs. Additionally, the function will maximise the benefits of ENSEK’s products and services, acting as an internal voice to ensure that customer feedback drives product and engineering teams.

Smith brings over a decade of customer service experience, including five years in the energy retail market. Prior to joining ENSEK, Smith was the Director of Service and Culture at Igloo Energy, driving its customer excellence function. During her tenure, Smith helped the company achieve several industry recognitions including being named the Citizens Advice No.1 ranked energy supplier for three financial quarters, as well as winning the Compare the Market Simples Awards in Energy Innovation category.

“The energy landscape is full of challenges such as cost-to-serve, differentiation, scalability, and complex regulation. It leaves little to no space for adding value for customers. All too often technology is the major limitation to achieving a great customer experience, with many suppliers still working from several legacy systems that don’t talk to one another”, said Rebecca Smith, Head of Customer Optimisation, ENSEK. “ENSEK is at the forefront of these ongoing changes, working with suppliers to unlock the greatest possible value from the legacy energy system using technology.”

“It’s essential that we understand what success means to our customers, and that we work alongside our customers to help them achieve their business goals. Whatever the challenge is, they need efficient technology platforms to enable agile businesses and react more quickly to shifts in market changes”, Smith continued.

“Rebecca’s proven track record forms a vital part of our overarching strategy, to provide customers with smooth operating processes including onboarding, contract and subscription management”, commented Jon Slade, CEO, ENSEK. “Today, providers require a flexible, future-proofed platform that unlocks an excellent customer experience through digital transformation and constant innovation. ENSEK has an integrated structure which enables us to oversee the customer life cycle in its entirety, giving energy suppliers the best possible service and empowering their competitive advantage”.

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About ENSEK 

ENSEK’s purpose is to accelerate the digital energy transition. 

As the business-critical technology to the world's leading energy suppliers, ENSEK's cloud native SaaS platform enables radical transformation - creating lean, customer-centric and adaptive retail businesses that are empowered to play their leading role in achieving net zero. 

Beyond supply, the ENSEK platform aims to connect, orchestrate and optimise the billions of smart devices and assets that are key to a decentralised, digitised and decarbonised energy future. 


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